Muaythai Muppets origins 

The Muaythai Muppets brand was formed in 2018 in Dubai. Head coach and Founder Jason Woodham started Muay Thai in 1999 and had a successful career as a pro fighter all over the world. Then he spent five years establishing himself as one of the top striking coaches in the UAE.
The name ''Muaythai Muppets'' was originally going to be ''Muaythai Monsters'' but a friend of Jason said he was more of a ''Muppet'' than a ''Monster''. Jason Woodham agreed. The name represents the essence of our style
'Crazy'' like the Muppets, so it fits well.
The Muaythai muppets partnered up with Gymnation by offering classes and private training at Gymnation Gyms all over the UAE. The Muaythai Muppets code is to have FUN ''Leave your egos off the matts''. We have found over the years that our students learn so much more when they are in a fun energetic environment. We also have a strong team of professional fighters participating to international events and an intermediate fight team who fight locally.
All the fighters and higher level students are always on hand to help out beginners. We pay it forward at Muaythai Muppets as we make sure all students know that we were all beginners at some point.