Unleash your inner warrior and join the vibrant Muay Thai community at Muay Thai Muppets Dubai for a fun-filled martial arts journey like no other!





MuayThai Muppets offers a one-of-a-kind approach to learning muaythai. Led by founder Jason Woodham, this immersive experience combines puppetry with technical mastery, creating an engaging and enjoyable environment. With a comprehensive curriculum for all skill levels, you'll develop discipline, focus, and mental fortitude while mastering muaythai techniques. The supportive community at MuayThai Muppets Dubai will inspire you to push beyond limits, fostering physical strength, mental resilience, and inner confidence. Embark on this transformative journey, embracing the magic of puppetry and becoming a true muaythai warrior under Jason Woodham's expert guidance.


MuayThai Muppets is the perfect training program for beginners looking to embark on their muaythai journey. MuayThai Muppets provides a welcoming and supportive environment that caters specifically to beginners. The innovative use of puppetry adds an element of fun and creativity, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable. Under Jason's expert guidance, beginners are introduced to the fundamental techniques of muaythai at a comfortable pace, allowing them to build a strong foundation of skills. The supportive community at MuayThai Muppets Dubai ensures that beginners receive the encouragement and guidance they need to overcome challenges and progress on their muaythai path. With MuayThai Muppets, beginners can confidently embark on their muaythai journey, gaining not only physical fitness and self-defense skills but also a sense of belonging within a passionate muaythai community.


In addition to its exceptional training programs for intermediate and advanced, MuayThai Muppets also offers a platform for athletes who aspire to compete at a high level in muaythai. Under the guidance of founder Jason Woodham, athletes can access specialized coaching, advanced training techniques, and a supportive community that understands the unique challenges of competitive fighting. MuayThai Muppets provides a fertile ground for athletes to refine their skills, enhance their conditioning, and develop winning strategies. With regular sparring sessions, mock fights, and access to experienced trainers, athletes receive the tools and support necessary to excel in the ring. MuayThai Muppets serves as a springboard for aspiring competitors, helping them navigate the intricacies of the sport and providing opportunities to showcase their talent in local and international events. Join MuayThai Muppets and unleash your potential as a competitive muaythai athlete, fueled by the expertise and unwavering support of Jason Woodham and the passionate community of fellow athletes.


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…..Dubai’s Best Muay Thai Instructor…Jason Woodham! 

Training with Jason has been amazing.  I have trained with many instructors in group class and/or private training.  As with many sports, coaching is a major component to your success.  Jason is a very intuitive and skilled coach.  Having the ability to teach and correct technique.  He is very precise with great attention to all aspects of the art.  His knowledge of the mechanics has been critical in my training.  Jason has an advantage over many instructors.  He has the ability not only to be a great fighter, but a great instructor as well, which is a rare combination.  Therefore, he seems to have a deeper understanding of how to train.It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned fighter, aspiring fighter, enthusiast, or beginner, Jason has the ability to bring out the best in you.  I really struggled with improving my technique and honestly getting discouraged with Muay Thai.  I had the basic knowledge, but I was unable to execute the techniques effectively from previous poor coaching.  From my very first private lesson with Jason I saw improvement in my technique.  Jason took me back to the basics and I felt like a beginner once again, but my progress has been quite rapid.  I feel much more confident that my technique is solid and I am improving lesson to lesson.Jason is also a very personable trainer.  He helps motivate me with not only knowledge but great humor!  Dubai’s Best Muay Thai Instructor has Character!" 

Tara, USA

Jason has taught me the literal meaning of go hard or go home!! He is a fantastic teacher and coach with a unique style. He will push you when you're being lazy, explain things when you don't understand and motivate you when you need motivating. He has a great attitude towards training and towards life. Jason doesn't just stand there holding pads and saying well done. Every time we train he teaches new techniques and refines the basics. He demands that you focus and train hard and he will make you put as much effort and technique into your 50th kick as your first! I always feel privileged to train with Jason because he is one of the very best trainers in Dubai and as a total beginner to Muay Thai with no experience in any martial arts I can't believe the progress that I have made in 7 months. He is has so much experience from his own days as a Nak Muay and this is what you get from every session with him. He literally lives and breathes Muay Thai

Kate Horsefield, England

2 months ago I went here for the Muay Thai Muppets. Probably the only gym in Dubai where you get that nice homely and family feeling. Ive been training in 6 different countries and many more gyms and I can highly recommend the Muay Thai here lead by Jason Woodham who is a very well experienced and good coach.


''I've trained combat sports all over the UAE and I can honestly say that you wont find a coach who has the best mix off attributes than coach Jason Woodham. Legit thai boxing technique, discipline, and a great sense of humor. ''

Abdulla Al K, Dubai

Anisha Shetty Been training with MUAYTHAI MUPPETS over 6 months, would definitely say it’s the best place to train Muaythai especially if you’re training for a fight. Amazing coaches and a great team to train with.


Ben journo. Muay Thai Muppets!! I've had such positive empowering moments during classes with these guys. You won't find coaches with more experience, knowledge and passion for the sport in the UAE than these guys. If you are looking to improve your combat skills or even improve your general fitness & well-being then this has to be your #1stop